Biotech Strategic Consulting

We work side-by-side with biotechnology companies and start-ups to realize the full value potential of their innovative assets
  • With a track record of 10 years partnering with biotechs, we have developed a new integrated exclusive offer to leverage your asset value
  • We work side-by-side with your biotechs and start-ups to realize the full value potential of your innovative assets
  • Our specialized, multidisciplinary approach allows us to guide you on a path to successful regulatory, and HTA outcomes, as well as pricing and management contracting
  • Our contribution in this field has also proven to be valuable for investor funding, partnering,  and licensing deals
We will be your global development partner, supporting in the maximization of your product’s value for the benefits of patients, health care professionals, society, and investors.
Creativ-Ceutical Offerings to Biotechs
  • To support management and board of directors decision-making
  • To inform partnering strategy
  • To support investors engagement
  • To identify the optimal strategy
  • To maximize return on investment
  • To support value assessment for partnering
  • To focus on value creation
  • To engage on the right track early on
  • To enable optimal access, price, and reimbursement
  • To avoid less than optimal HTA outcomes
  • To secure successful HTA applications
  • To establish differentiation and competitive advantage
  • To anchor value in evidence in licensing process
  • Develop early modeling
  • Inform positioning
  • Identify value drivers
  • Reality check with payers
  • Scientific advice with HTA agencies
  • Parallel advice with HTA and regulatory agencies
  • Consultation with ICER