HTA submission

Why is it important?

In the context of evolving requirements across countries and markets, preparing for a successful HTA submission is essential. Securing a price and reimbursement that represents value to payers, physicians, patients, and the pharmaceutical company, requires the product’s value with respect to illness, treatment pathway, and clinical and economic evidence. The timing of this preparation is absolutely critical.

What we do at Creativ-Ceutical

Our Market Access and HTA teams have the expertise to develop Briefing Books for early scientific advice as well as high-quality and successful evidence-based Global Value Dossiers. Our consultants are dedicated to providing remarkable, unyielding customer support during their preparation of HTA Submission Dossiers to authorities.

Our track record of success
  • More than 50 extensive and tailored Briefing Books for Early Dialogue/Scientific Advice with EUnetHTA, NICE, G-BA, HAS, or Parallel Advice EMA & EUnetHTA
  • Over 100 timely Global Value Dossiers
  • 50+ positive HTA submissions in Europe, Canada,  Australia, USA and Latin America
  • Models developed by Creativ-Ceutical have been used in successful HTA submissions, such as submissions to NICE (UK), SMC (Scotland), and HAS (France), TLV (Sweden), etc. For our clients in the USA, we have developed models used for the AMCP dossiers as well as for the submissions to the ACIP. Creativ-Ceutical has also developed models tailored to Asia Pacific and Latin American submissions.