Evidence Synthesis

Why is it important?

Literature reviews aim to capture, understand, and quality-assess different types of data available in the literature, such as data on efficacy, effectiveness, safety, humanistic burden, economic burden, treatment guidelines, epidemiology, and quality of life.

Network meta-analyses allow for the assessment of the relative efficacy and safety of treatments which have not been compared in head-to-head clinical trials, based on published data.

Targeted literature reviews are quick and provide focused solutions to fill evidence gaps or to develop a deeper understanding of a situation or issue at hand.

Creativ-Ceutical’s Experience

Systematic literature reviews and network meta-analyses are a part of our core competencies. Our team includes experts with extensive, in-depth experience in conducting literature reviews and data syntheses. We have conducted more than 100 systematic literature reviews within the last 5 years.

Context of Creativ-Ceutical solutions

The evidence required for economic modeling and HTA submissions continues to evolve, requiring increasingly sophisticated methods and solutions to demonstrate product value.
We meet the evidence requirements for pricing and reimbursement demands thorough analyses of the existing evidence to identify key value drivers, data gaps, and comparative effects across available therapeutic options.