Creativ-Ceutical supports the European Market Access University Diploma (EMAUD), a unique and innovative program addressing key elements throughout each step of the drug life cycle.

The interdisciplinary course offers insights into all areas of interest in the field: market access policies, pricing in and outside of Europe, health economics, Health Technology Assessment (HTA), risk management and decision sciences.
It combines theory with practice and covers topics in the environment of health, health policies, current practices, and future challenges. Interactive and engaging workshops constitute another pillar of the course, allowing for practice and skill development and enhancement.
Speakers and contributors come from institutional organizations, the academic world, and the healthcare industry.
The course, exclusively taught in English, is the pioneer educational degree in the field of pharmaceutical market access.

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Journal of Market Access & Health Policy

The Journal of Market Access & Health Policy (JMAHP) is the official journal of the Market Access Society. The journal aims at consolidating the concept of “market access” as a multidisciplinary field spanning not only economic, but also technical, scientific, sociological, psychological, and policy perspectives. JMAHP aims at linking all components that impact market access to provide a convergent and broader perspective in a single, specialized journal. The journal serves as a reference desk for industry, regulators, and academics, who, via JMAHP, have free and immediate access to innovative research and educational articles, discussion papers for best practices, and valuable guidelines.

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Market Access Society

Founded in 2012, the Market Access Society (MAS) is a non-profit organization for educational and scientific purposes established in response to the growing interest in the field of Market Access.

MAS is a global scientific and professional society that promotes the many complex and different disciplines that cover market access and facilitates its translation into helpful information for health care decision makers.

The MAS embraces all stakeholders, including researchers, agencies, policymakers, industry, academia, health service providers, and patients/consumers.  It acts as a neutral and transparent facilitator for cooperation and the sharing of information and expertise.

MAS provides and promotes communication through its publication activities.

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