Message from our CEO

Message from our CEO

Dear clients,


During this unprecedented time, our hearts and thoughts are with those who have been impacted by this COVID-19 pandemic globally. At Creativ-Ceutical, we assure you that the health and safety of our employees and clients and their needs remain our top priority.

Please know that we are diligently monitoring the situation and taking the necessary precautionary measures, including work from home arrangements, for all our employees at affected locations. Additionally, we have strongly encouraged our employees who are in countries where bans have not yet taken effect to avoid all travel and if possible, to work from home.


As a global company, we are trying to do our part in the overall effort to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and ultimately end this pandemic. It’s our responsibility to follow the rapidly evolving guidance from health and governmental authorities. As we all try to keep our families and communities safe during this difficult time, our commitment to serving our clients continues. To that end, we have enhanced our IT systems and communication tools to allow for our employees to collaborate remotely with each other and with you. We are also using a platform for virtual board meetings to avoid delaying projects. You have our full commitment to ensure that your confidential data continues to be protected through implementation of specific rules and procedures.


We know this is a stressful time, but please be assured that we are working to meet your needs. We will continue to stay informed through our local governmental and global health agency news sources.


Once more, we would like to reiterate our dedication to serving our clients and our gratitude for your trust in these times. We will continue to ensure business continuity, timely, safely and efficiently.

Stay Healthy


Pr. Mondher Toumi on behalf of Creativ-Ceutical Management Group.