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Strategic consulting

Market Research & Business Intelligence

A product launch plan requires relevant and precise information that feeds each strategic decision. In today' complex life sciences markets, development decisions require more than simply facts and data. Projections using probabilistic techniques, simulations, scenario planning and trade-off analysis are all approaches that can improve decision-making. But how to select the most appropriate methods and develop real insight that can effectively guide your choices? Creativ-Ceutical is experienced with these and other approaches, and can provide expert guidance for your development and launch plans. Our methods apply to:

  • Forecasting and modelling
  • Market value driver identification
  • Positioning and messaging research
  • Segmentation studies
  • Large ad-hoc survey

Portfolio Management & Licensing

Due to the high-risk and high-stake nature of drug development, project selection and portfolio management are particularly challenging in the pharmaceutical industry. How to make the appropriate choices at the right time?

Creativ-Ceutical addresses this challenge using the most suitable analytic approaches for the decision at hand. We help our clients identify the right choices at the right time during the development cycle of a drug. Our portfolio tool enables clients to compute a risk-revenue curve based on a detailed product attribute analysis. Any project can be analysed separately based on this multidimensional approach and put in the context of the overall portfolio and the company strategy. These instruments are based on a Bayesian stochastic methodology and multi-trait analysis. Creativ-Ceutical also provides advisory support in the development of licensing strategies, and can act as a facilitator or as an assessor during due diligence for acquisitions or divestitures.

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