ISPOR 17th Annual European Congress, 8-12 November 2014, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Podium presentation

  • The evaluation of economic methods to assess the social value of medical interventions for Ultra-Rare Disorders (URDS)


  • Rare diseases: challenges in assessment and appraisal of diagnostics & treatments


  • View Social contacts reduce negative symptoms, especially emotional withdrawal in patients with schizophrenia
  • View Treatment patterns and health care costs in patients with depression treated with antidepressant only or combined with benzodiazepine: results from a Japanese claims database analysis
  • View Treatment patterns and health care costs in patients with schizophrenia initiating with first- or second-generation antipsychotic: results from a Japanese claims database analysis
  • View Boosting biosimilars uptake in European countries
  • View An overview of the biosimilar market in the US
  • View Funding integrated health care services
  • View Time limits restriction in Germany
  • View Drug repurposing as an efficient strategy in drug development – example of CNS area
  • View HTA approach in Italy. Structure, methods, and process of Veneto Region’s Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Effectiveness Unit (Unità di Valutazione dell’Efficacia del Farmaco, UVEF)
  • View Conflict of interest in HTA recommendations and case law in France
  • View Access to orphan drugs in France : the case of Siklos for the treatment of sickle cell syndrome before the council of state
  • View Orphan drug approvals in Europe: historical review and trends
  • View Comparative analysis of HTA decisions, price and reimbursement level of orphan drugs in France and Italy
  • View HTA, price and reimbursement review for orphan drugs in Italy
  • View HTA assessment, price and reimbursement review for orphan drugs in France
  • View Geographical variations of health Perception in the US, using BRFSS data 2012
  • View Should changes in drug price over time be considered in cost-effectiveness analyses
  • View Assessment of the Huntington Quality Of Life Instrument (H-QOL-I) cross-cultural validity AWARDED
  • View Assessment of the Huntington Clinical Self-Reported Instrument (H-CSRI) cross-cultural validity - AWARDED
  • View Frequentist approach for detecting heterogeneity in meta-analysis pair-wise comparisons: enhanced q-test use by using I2 and H2 statistics
  • View Meta-analysis in openBUGS: how to assess the convergence of MCMC chain?
  • View Economic impact of a genomic companion diagnostic test for breast cancer patients in French private hospitals
  • View Health Technology Assessment in oncology: crizotinib case study
  • View A literature review of Patient Advocacy Group (PAG) involvement in HTA
  • Budget impact analysis of Fingolimod in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis
  • Analysis of ‘revolving door' patients in opioid dependent patients: the impact of treatment discontinuation on relapse rates and healthcare costs in US public health insurance claims
  • The patient experience of alcohol use disorder
  • Comparison of healthcare resource use and costs in patients with opioid prescription drug dependence (OPD) treated with buprenorphine/naloxone and patients without pharmacological treatment: retrospective analysis of US public insurance claims
  • History of antidepressant use among primary care depressed patients switching treatments in the United Kingdom
  • A payers perspective to pharmaceutical market access: defining market access
  • Identification of dry powder inhaler attributes, and their relative importance to asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients, to inform a discrete choice experiment


ISPOR 6th Asia Pacific Conference, 6-9 September 2014, Beijing, China

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Pre-conference course

  • Transferability of Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Podium presentations

  • Current impact of dementia on the caregiver in China
  • Clinical and economic outcomes of Memantine used in moderate or severe dementia patients in China: results from a health economic model
  • Management of Ischaemic Stroke patients enrolled in the Japan Stroke Databank (JSD) - AWARDED


  • View Minimum clinically important difference in the global assessment functioning in patients with schizophrenia
  • View Burden associated with agitation in schizophrenia
  • View Minimum clinically important difference in the Calgary Depression Scale for schizophrenia
  • View Evolution of depressive status in patients with schizophrenia: an analysis of patient trajectories
  • View Evolution of presence of predominant negative symptoms in patients with schizophrenia
  • View Burden of illness of dementia in China
  • View Disease management, resource utilisation and associated cost for moderate and severe dementia patients in China: results from a Delphi panel
  • View Future impact of dementia on the caregiver in China
  • View Public beliefs and attitudes about schizophrenia, major depression and psychotropic medication in Tunisia
  • View Why is it difficult for European to understand the Chinese market access process?
  • View Comparison of economic evaluation guidelines between Japan and other Asian countries
  • View Impact of pharmacoeconomics guidelines on the international publications in China
  • View Population access to Rotavirus vaccination in industrialized countries: lessons learnt from current experience


The 2014 World Transplant Congress, 26-31 July, San Francisco, USA


  • View Burden of Cytomegalovirus Disease in Immunosuppressed Persons Following Solid Organ Transplantation in France


ISPOR 19th Annual International Meeting, May 31 - June 4 2014, Montreal, Canada

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  • Enhancing Meta-Analysis by Considering the Correlation Between two Outcomes
  • Methodological Choices for Propensity Score Matching and Their Consequences
  • How to Address Uncertainty Related to Transferability of Clinical Trial Findings to Clinical Practice?


  • View The growing challenge of managing age-related disease in China: Example of Alzheimer’s disease
  • View Impact of health insurance status on healthcare resource utilization among diabetic patients in the USA
  • View Price dynamics of External Reference Pricing-based systems in Europe
  • View Overview of External Reference Pricing systems in Europe
  • View Real life impact of External Reference Pricing in Europe using a simulation model
  • View Gap between payers and regulators management of risk prevents and delays patient access to new therapy
  • View HTA assessment comparison of orphan drugs in France and Germany
  • View Trends of orphan drugs approvals over time in the United States
  • View Orphan drug policies looking backward thinking forward
  • View Validation of the Huntington Clinical Self-Reported Instrument (H-CSRI) in the USA
  • View Validation of the Huntington Quality of Life Instrument (H-QoL-I) in the USA
  • View A model simulating External Reference Pricing to support policy decision making in Europe
  • View Validation of the US Huntington’s disease Quality of Life battery for caregivers
  • View Symptomatic remission in schizophrenia
  • View Depressive symptoms in schizophrenia: EuroSC findings
  • View Impact of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products cost on public healthcare budgets
  • View Utility decrements associated with treatment-related adverse events in schizophrenia
  • View Nature of endpoints in Market Access Agreements
  • Estimation of the effect of Buprenorphine/Naloxone dosing in privately insured opioid-dependent patients in the USA
  • A studies-based private insurance budget impact analysis of Buprenorphine / Naloxone film and tablet formulations
  • The impact of treatment duration on relapse rates and healthcare costs among Medicaid patients with opioid dependence treated with Buprenorphine and Naloxone combination
  • Budget impact of Buprenorphine/Naloxone film and tablet formulations for Medicaid population
  • Estimation of the effect of Buprenorphine/Naloxone dosing in Medicaid opioid-dependent patients
  •  Elicitation of health-related quality of life concepts associated with Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Expected cost-utility of quadrivalent influenza vaccine under a universal influenza immunization program in Ontario, Canada


 ICCEC 2014, International Conference for Clinical Ethics Consultation, 24-25 April, Paris, France


  • Quality and level of patient voice for assessing new medecines differs widely across Europe