03-07 November 2012, Berlin - Germany at ISPOR 15th Annual European Meeting


  • From decision point to decision window: readiness for a change of paradigm
  • Why, when and how to conduct economic evaluations using comprehensive decision analytical modelling

Podium presentations

  • Comprehensive discrete event simulation model for the evaluation of healthcare technologies in depression
  • Contribution of prolonged-release melatonin and anti-benzodiazepine campaigns to the reduction of benzodiazepine and z-drugs consumption in nine European countries


  • >view Japanese reform on pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement system: towards cost containment
  • >view Health-related Quality of Life Patient-Reported Outcomes in schizophrenia
  • >view Public beliefs and attitudes about schizophrenia, major depression and psychotropic medications
  • >view Generic drug market access in Japan
  • >view  Economic burden In schizophrenia: a literature review
  • >view  Impact of generics policy on the generics penetration
  • >view  Market access of drugs in France and medico-economic assessment
  • >view  Market access of drugs in France: evolution or revolution?
  • >view  Development of the biosimilar market in EU-5 and in US
  • >view  Patient persistence with buprenorphine/naloxone film and tablet formulations in the treatment of opioid dependence in the US: results from a privately insured retrospective database
  • >view Early Access Programmes (EAPs): review of Non-European system
  • >view Early Access Programmes (EAPs): review of the European system
  • >view Cost-effectiveness of a predictive test of the benefit of chemotherapy
  • >view National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGs) decision-making process for vaccine recommendations: overview and analysis
  • >view Burden of cytomegalovirus disease in immunosuppressed persons following transplantation in France
  • >view Elicitation of health-related Quality of Life concepts associated with cytomegalovirus in transplant recipients
  • >view Health-related Quality of Life of clostridium difficile infection: a methodological contribution to direct utility elicitation by TTO
  • >view Validation of the Russian version of Schizophrenia Quality of Life Questionnaire (S-QoL)
  • >view Cross cultural validation of the Huntington Quality of Life Instrument in Spain (H-QoL-I)
  • >view Healthcare organizations/services clustering: comparison of several techniques using UK data
  • >view Quality of Life of Spanish family carers in Huntington's Disease
  • >view Population access to rotavirus vaccination in industrialized countries: lessons learnt from current experience & potential implications for the future
  • >view Validation of Spanish version of the Huntington Clinical Self-Reported Instrument (H-CSRI)

 23-26 August 2012, Barcelona - Spain at International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology & Theraputic Risk Management

  • Development of a model predicting the medico-economic impact of telemonitoring for patients with heart failure in France(presentation)
    Presentation available after conference and upon request

 18-21 July 2012, Zurich – Switzerland at European Conference on Health Economics (ECHE)

  • The effect of health on labor supply in nine Former Soviet Union countries
    (presentation available upon request)

23-27 June 2012, Bilbao – Spain at HTAi 9th Annual Meeting


  • >view Validation of Spanish version of the Huntington Clinical Self-Reported Instrument (H-CSRI)

 02-06 June 2012, Washington, DC.– USA at ISPOR 17th Annual International Meeting


  • >view  Predominant negative symptoms in schizophrenia, PMH62
  • >view  Description of the burden associated with cognition deficits in schizophrenia, PMH9
  • >view  Comparison of time to relapse between monotherapy and polypharmacy using latent variable model based on observational data in schizophrenia, PMH11
  • >view Growth in antidepressant use in 10 countries in the last decade, PMH66
  • >view Utility scores associated with the world health organization drinking risk-level classidfication alcohol dependence, PMH45
  • 13 May 2012, Paris – France at ATUGE Forum


  • >view Le marché du médicament en Tunisie : Perspectives et défis sociaux


08-12 May 2012, Thessaloniki – Greece at ESPID 2012


  • >view  Cost-effectiveness of pertussis booster vaccination in adolescents and adults: a review